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Who can use Notando ?

Anybody with a small or large business can use the Notando system. Even those who can not do accounting can do their invoices using the system, and have others do their invoices.

Is it hard to do accounting ?

If you understand the flow of money, in revenues, costs and payments accounting is relatively easy.

How many users can I have ?

You can have as many users as you like and it doesn't cost anything extra.

What about header and design for my invoices ?

You can insert both header and footer on your invoices by simple uploading of graphics. You can also ask us to implement a special design if you have one, but for that we will have to charge a little.

Is my data safe ?

All communication is through SSL which means means there is 256 bit encryption which is very hard to break for anyone. We also save all data to mirrored hard disks a few times a day and keep seperate backups in different location, every 10 days.

What is difference between you and other systems ?

Notando is the most extensive web based accounting and webshop solution in Iceland. It is also inexpensive in comparisson to others.

How does the webshop work ?

All product that you register into our system, appear in your webshop. The webshop is also multilingual so if you are selling to other countries, visitors from that country will see your webshop in their language. When they shop from you, relevant entries are made in your accounting, and your inventory stays updated. You can also accept PayPal payment allowing your guests to finish the transaction while in your webshop.

Can I personalize the look of the webshop ?

The look and feel of webshop is standardized but you can certainly personalize it in a very simple way without knowing any HTML. If you have special needs and want a totally different design, we can implement that for you, for an additional cost.

Why is the Notando webshop better than others ?

There are several reasons for that: first of all there is no upfront costs, products are registered into webshop at same time as accoutning and inventory system, and when a client makes a purchase, he is already registered into your accounting, all all relevant accoutning transaction have been made.

Is this not slow ?

No, we have very good computer equipment and very big bandwidth. If it is slow, it is most likely your own computer or that you are not using Firefox 3 which is the only webbrowser we know of that doesn't leak memory while processing AJAX scripts.

Will I see any unexpected costs ?

We have a simple price list. You choose your package and pay for it while you use it. If you stop using our software, we stop immediatly invoicing you. It is that simple.