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Terms and conditions for the Notando.com accounting and webshop system

General conditions

Notando Iceland ltd (hereafter referred to as Notando) grants you the access and usage rights for an accounting system and webshop. Notando will always do its best to keep the service accessable at any time for the user's conveniance.

As the service is available through the Internet there can be times that limit user's access to the system. Examples of such incidents are:

  • 1) Failure at the ISP.
  • 2) DOS attack from external sources limiting access to the website and system.
  • 3) Unexpected failure in equipment.
  • 4) Break in into system from outsiders.
  • 5) Unexpected failure in system.

Notando, or it's officers, can not be held responsible for the above mentioned items nor other similar things but Notando will however always try to limit the possibilities of such incidents by all means and limit their damage. Equipment is kept in a save place, with multible power backup, strong anti-theft system and a powerful automatic electrical fire extinguishers.

Data backup is performed on mirrored disks and to independent machines every day and up to 3 times per day. All daily data is saveguarded for at least 1 week and every 10 days, we save data in a different location from main servers to minimize potential maximum loss in case of disaster.

All data communication is secured by 256 bit encoding which is almost unbreakable.

At new company creation, a user is created with a pasword. This password should be regularily changed to avoid access by unauthorized persons. Users should never give others their password and username, but rather establish independent access limited or unlimited. Notando can not be held responsible if someone breaks in using login information from users.

If you quit using the system, we will saveguard your data active for at least 6 months but if you want to be able to access it at later times you will need to pay a yearly sauveguarding fee of 50 GBP (Euro75).

All businesses with only one employee can use the payee system for free but if there are more employees or if user wants to use accoutning system they will need to pay a fee according to fee schedule.


Notando will never under any circumstances besides a police or tax investigation give anyone access to your data, personal or company related. All Notando employees have privacy obligations and may not discuss any users data to persons outside the company.

Limited liability

Notando or it's officers can not held responsible for any third party claims related to the users, or usage of this system.

Claims to Notando or it's officers can at maximum be to restore all user's most recent sauveguarded data in case of system failure and data loss derived from machinery, software or outside incidents.


Pricing schedule can be updated maximum twice every year, in June, and December. Maximum pricing increase can be 10% from former pricing schedule for existent users. Notando reserves the rights to change pricing for users that create unusually high load to our servers. In case of exstensive load users will be given a warning but in the case extensive load on servers continues, the user's database may have to be moved on independent servers higher fees to compensate for servers and bandwith usage.

Changes to this terms and conditions

Notando reserves the rights to chnge this terms and conditions but users will at all times have access to them through the system at "Company - System info - contract".


If any disputes arise because of this agreement it shall be resolved in the regional tribual of Reykjavík, Iceland (Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur).

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